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One House - Three Ways

Accessory Dwelling Unit for Houston 
with Bomin Park

ADU Competition: Winner - Resilience Category

As Houston faces a wide range of housing needs, our proposal is a prototype ADU that can take on three different variations. With choices that vary in area, outdoor space, and room count, One House – Three Ways responds to the diverse lifestyles and family structures that represent Houston.  


In all variations, the design provides important separations that allow residents freedom in a confined space. For example, locating the private areas on the second floor above the communal spaces helps alleviate the pressures of living in close proximity to others. Also, eye-level windows are strategically placed on the rear and end facades, preventing direct views from the main house. Simultaneously, the project is punctured with various openings and connections to outdoor space. The covered carport and entry overhang provide a sheltered transition before entering. The patio on the ground floor serves as an extension of the living room while the 2nd fl terrace provides an elevated view and easy access from the bedrooms. The unit’s small footprint also occupies less lot area, allowing room for kids to play and activities such as backyard gardening.

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