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Flatlot Competition hosted by Flint Public Art Project 2013

Programmed art installation on central parking lot

Downtown -Flint, Michigan

With Bomin Park and Peter Stone


A generic parking lot in downtown Flint is peeled up and suddenly becomes 3-dimensional. The peel creates new vantage points of and from the parking lot. The elevated horizon line dramatically alters the experience from within the lot, and the new inhabitable edge allows an abstracted view of the pixelated dots of car roofs populating the surface.

A-Peel is built with conventional framing techniques inspired by skate park design, and punctuated with moments for individual discovery at both public and intimate scales. Portals and punctures make each section of the peel unique, creating a constellation of hidden views, comfortable benches, and large scale gathering places. New visibility refashions the lot into a place for Flint Michigan’s rich array summer activities including music festivals, farmers markets, and auto-shows.

artboard 1.jpg
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